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Aux Trois Fréres De Verniotte

Aux Trois Fréres De Verniotte
Our second wine began its life in true ‘garagiste’ style. First produced in the hot vintage of 2003, we use a technique that I exported from Australia to produce a much softer and rounder style of claret.

Using small 1 and 2 tonne open fermenters we only hand plunge for soft controlled extraction of colour and tannin. Short maceration times and a focus on fruit expression deliver a wine that is focused on an early maturing style and pure enjoyment of the fine red berry and confectionary flavours that Castillon can produce.

Using 30% new French oak barrels really give the fruit a chance to shine whilst still lending that extra dimension of complexity. The blend is always 100% Merlot, which helps to produce the soft style we are looking for.

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