the team

I am very grateful to all these people who give their time up to help out, and they always do a fantastic job.
But it is a great time of year, mixing hard work with great food and obviously plenty of wine!

Owners’ and Winemaker – Henry & Kaye Laithwaite
Being from a wine family that has been in the industry for 40 years it was more than inevitable that I caught the wine bug, but I caught it in my own little way and have never looked back since. It intrigued me from the early days in my Fathers cellar in Bordeaux to my first proper vintage in the Ardeche valley of central France.

Tony Laithwaite

It was here where I fell in love with the culture and work involved in producing wine. The French live and breathe winegrowing and winemaking and it touches every part of their lives. In these remote parts of the country life is about hunting wild boar, eating well and enjoying what nature has to offer. It is this simplicity of life that I loved and is the single most entrancing part of the industry for me.

I then made trips to Australia and worked in McLaren Vale at the historical Tatachilla winery. Here I learnt the science and precision in modern wine making, hard work but much learnt. I then studied Biology at Durham University where I met Kaye, who I married in 2008. I then went on to do many vintages in Europe and Australia, and in the process helped set up Redheads Wine Studio in McLaren Vale. Here we combined simplistic techniques of small batch fermentation producing wines of immense character and charm which people love.

Living in Europe and working in the New World has given me a very broad perspective of the wine-producing world, which has become immensely useful. I now have my vineyards in Castillon that I am very proud of, and am even now going to plant a vineyard near my home in the South of England. Kaye has now caught the wine bug and together we are putting our love of Biology into the art of producing world-class wines.

Vineyard Consultant – Bertrand Sutre of Biovitis
We have taken on one of the most respected viticulture consultants in the area. Bertrand works at many more famous Chateau than us, Chateau Ausone being probably the most famous.

Wine Consultant

Bertrand and his team have an overwhelming knowledge of the vine and how to coax the best out of them. Improving vineyard practices and performance is the one thing that will keep the wine improving year after year. It is a long-term relationship and it takes time and patience to see results, but it is the one thing we are more committed to than anything. We now use sustainable practices that help promote bio-diversity and a healthier soil system for the roots. This will also help the vineyard parcels develop their own character and will add to the overall complexity of the wine..

The Harvest Team
The harvest team is an ever-changing thing, but always consists of friends and family that give up their time to fly out to Bordeaux, suck up the last rays of summer sunshine and do some picking.

Wine Picking Team

As we have 4.2 hectares spread over 7 parcels we have a system that is quite relaxed with picking in the morning and then processing in the afternoon. This way we can pick small amounts each day, picking only the parcels that are ready. We can then skip days if some areas need more time. It also means that we get the fruit into the cellar in the morning when it is cooler, and process it in the afternoon when it is hot.