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Without going into too much detail (you’ll have to visit to find out more!), we employ a very simple and caring method of winemaking. Hand picking, hand sorting and gentle extraction using traditional hand plunging allows us to let the fruit decide it’s future. We put more effort into the vineyard growing season to make sure that when it comes to the winemaking, we don’t have to do that much. Obviously there are some years where we have to work harder in the cellar, but at the back of our mind we always have the concept that to get true character and identity you have to let the fruit and nature do the talking. Too much manipulation and you bring it into uniformity that can make the wine boring.

Our winery and processing could not be simpler, gentle de-stemming, vibrating table and sorting tables allow us to eliminate green and unwanted material from the fruit. The fruit is placed whole into the open top stainless tanks via conveyor belt, and then left to rest and wait for the natural yeast to start fermentation. The whole process of fermentation is constantly monitored and minor adjustments to temp and oxygen levels can make the yeast’s life more comfortable. Extraction comes at different rates every year, but we always like to get enough tannin and colour to make sure the wine has longevity whilst also not overdoing it and then having to battle with tannin development through it’s ageing process.

All our wines are aged in French oak barrels from our favorite cooperages. We have had many years experimenting with many different barrels and have arrived at the right recipe that suits our style. Ageing takes place for between 12 and 18 months depending on the year, and our purpose built and highly insulted winery provides the perfect conditions for slow maturation and development of wood flavour and complexity. The final blends are then done and put into tank ready for bottling. We do a light filtration at the bottling line and that is that, the wine then sits in bottle until we feel it is ready to drink!